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I’ve heard so many factors being debated as to whether we should leave or remain in the EU, from immigration to sovereignty, economics and self governance. I passionately believe the most important reason and the one that is not so often mentioned by the remain camp for obvious reasons is internationalism.

Europe has been host to the world’s most bloody wars for most of the last millennium. It was only in our grandparent’s generation that 2 world wars were started in Europe and took the lives of almost 100 million people….nuclear and biological weapons were invented and some of the worst crimes against humanity took place….where….in Europe. The world is still a complicated and unstable place but now has the potential to be more dangerous than ever before.

The formation of the EU and our desire to be part of something that works together on a bigger scale shows the rest of the world how it should be done, from the troubled Middle East to the Americans with their potential to elect Trump.  If we are to ever unite as one world then there are steps forward and backwards with leaving the EU being a giant jump back.

If we stay on this nationalist path it won’t stop with leaving the EU. Scotland will have a second referendum and leave and then Northern Ireland and Wales will most likely look to join them and attempt to get back into the EU. Then what….the nationalists get their little England back. We will be proudly alone and fighting patriotically but twice as hard to have the same quality of life and have taken the first step in disconnecting Europe.

I know things are different outside the capital but I’m an Englishman in London that will often go out with friends in groups of 10+ and be the only Englishman of the group….it’s the nicest feeling and what makes me feel so patriotic. London is the most integrated place in the world and I’m proud to be British as a result of our country making this happen, allowing me to meet some of the most amazing people that are culturally different from me. Each of my friends work, pay taxes and spend their income in this country to the benefit of the nationalist living inside and outside London.

I want to be part of a peaceful Europe that works together to benefit all of US. There is no us and them…we are all Europeans, we are all human. The day Europe grows and the likes of Turkey fulfil their obligations to join will be the day we are safer and have a more united world than ever before and I hope to see this happen in my lifetime.

In the most simplest sense I’m a loving father that wants his daughter to grow up in a world that respects our human similarities and differences. A world that attempts at even the most difficult of times to avoid war and unite to make a safer place for all of us to live in. Staying in the EU enables this, leaving the EU makes it harder.